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How To Play Craps


How to Play Craps
The casino is one destination every fun lover will like to identify with. It is quite amazing how people still patronize it despite the losses and intrigues that trail it. If there are a hundred reasons to stay away from casinos, the game of craps is a “thousand reason’ why you should make the way back.
Casino games are already complicated and for players that want to “hit it big”, easier games such as craps are the best pick. However, it is not easy to come by because there are moments when you will get the urge to drop the dice, take the few dollars in your kitty and walk away. The intrigues and prospects of winning still keep you down until you bet your last card or stand the chance to win it all. Either way, the game of craps is both intriguing and astonishing – it depends on which side of the coin you found yourself. Here are some things you need to know about the game.

The Table
A typical craps table has a double layout and features a 4-man crew. There is the stickman that regulates the game and the boxman that collects cash deposits during the game. At his sides are two dealers that collect losing bets and pay winners.


The Dice
There are two dices that let players bet on the supposed outcome of the game. Only the shooter and the stickman have access to it throughout the stead of the game.


The Stick
The long, curved stick is within the jurisdiction of the stickman and the latter uses it to collect the dice after each roll.


The Puck
The puck is a round disc that contains the action words “on and “off”. Once a point establishes, the dealer turns over the puck and places it above the point number on the table.


Play with Wisdom
You must be a genius to weather the storms of the game. The intrigues can get you enticed. It requires a great deal of self-control to pursue the game with dexterity and avoid distractions. Always play by the rules; avoid sticking out your neck and give thoughts before making a bet.